Phil Hay

Phil Hay: Say it quietly, but there’s potential for a lasting legacy beyond Bielsa at Leeds United

There is a reluctance, almost a shyness, about Marcelo Bielsa when press conferences take a predictable turn and draw him into discussing the men who single him out as their keenest influence. Where Pep Guardiola credits part of his coaching acumen to Bielsa, Bielsa hears only self-deprecation distorting Guardiola’s own genius. “In any of his teams I’ve never seen any sign of my traits,” Bielsa says, though the Championship must be questioning how true that really is.

Leeds United

Leeds United: Bielsa banking on lean squad for Championship charge

Yesterday’s transfer deadline was of partial relevance for EFL clubs, all of them guarded by a longer window set aside for loan signings, and Leeds United passed through it quietly. The club are in possession of one of football’s most particular coaches but it did not take much in the summer market to keep Marcelo Bielsa sweet.

Leeds United

Leeds United: Much more still to come from Klich says Bielsa

Mateusz Klich left Holland in May telling journalists there he had “unfinished business” at Leeds United so his resurgence in these parts is not accidental. But in finding favour with Marcelo Bielsa and surviving the pruning of the squad at Elland Road, the Poland international has beaten some fairly long odds against him.

Leeds United
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