The Hundred: NXT45 event to reshape outdated 'man-up' culture and usher new era of male wellness

NXT45, a visionary organisation dedicated to reshaping the outdated 'man-up' culture surrounding men's health and masculinity, is gearing up for its second groundbreaking event.
NXT45 Calling time on the man-up cultureNXT45 Calling time on the man-up culture
NXT45 Calling time on the man-up culture

The Hundred, bringing together 100 like-minded men, promises a diverse range of insightful talks, new experiences, experiential activities, and transformative strategies, led by a roster of distinguished personalities, at the picturesque Hawarden Estate in North East Wales, September 6 to 8, 2024.

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Building on the success of its inaugural event in 2023, NXT45 aims to transform narratives and empower men to lead fulfilling lives beyond societal stereotypes, embracing a new era of authentic well-being.

NXT45 was formed by a trio of experts and passionate individuals - Mike Bates, Jonny Grayshon and Joe Gaunt; who each bring something formidable to the This trailblazing initiative, as it seeks to challenge norms and redefine masculinity for the modern era, steering away from archaic culture that still permeates popular discourse.

NXT45 co-founders Mike Bates, Jonny Grayshon and Joe GauntNXT45 co-founders Mike Bates, Jonny Grayshon and Joe Gaunt
NXT45 co-founders Mike Bates, Jonny Grayshon and Joe Gaunt

Mike Bates, a renowned human intelligence specialist and former covert counter-terrorism operations leader, draws from his remarkable and unimaginable experiences, including becoming the fastest Briton to complete 'The World's Toughest Row' solo,

He brings a unique perspective on resilience, leadership, and overcoming adversity. Jonny Grayshon spent more than 12 years at the pinnacle of professional sport, with over 200 Super League appearances to his name.

Renowned for his mental toughness, upon retiring from professional sport, Jonny became an elite-level strength and conditioning coach. He is the founder of an international body transformation business that has positively impacted the lives of over 1,000 clients to date. He is committed to doing the inner work required to understand what true masculinity looks like in the second peak of life. Third co-founder Joe Gaunt is no stranger to performance at the hightest level.He has led several multi-billion valuation companies, holding MD and Director-level roles at Virgin Health, WeWork, and Reward Gateway.

He is the founder and CEO of zeno, a health tech business supporting elite sport, corporate, and property organisations, including Amazon, KPMG, Manchester United, Leeds Rhinos, and White Rose Park. Joe is a stage 1 trained Health Psychologist and Doctorate Researcher specialising in mindset, mental toughness, stress management, and psychotherapy-based practice.

Beyond its flagship event, NXT45 is committed to fostering a supportive community for men's health and well-being.

Monthly masterclasses and an award-winning health app cater to the ongoing needs of participants, ensuring continuous support and resources for holistic growth.

With a mission to catalyze a cultural shift towards healthier masculinity, NXT45 aims to challenge stereotypes and promote authenticity and resilience.

NXT45 aims to catalyse a cultural shift towards a healthier, more authentic masculinity and as Mike Bates pus it: "True masculinity transcends stereotypes of bravado and brute force. This event marks a pivotal moment in reshaping the discourse around men's health, empowering individuals to redefine themselves and embrace holistic wellbeing. Together, we will challenge the 'man-up' culture and usher in a new era of authentic masculinity."