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Friday, 12th July

Quick Crossword

A truly classic format, our quick crosswords make for the perfect tea-time brain teaser. Every day, our puzzle masters carefully compile an eclectic combination of straightforward clues to give your lateral thinking skills a workout, ranging in difficulty from breezily easy to downright cruel.


Cryptic Crossword

Our cryptic crossword compilers have mastered the art of a fiendish puzzle, using the format’s common conventions to really give your brain a squeeze. While some of the clues may sound obtuse at first, that’s all part of the fun. With some cunning, logic and perseverance, you’ll feel like the biggest brainbox around.



This number puzzle first appeared in a UK daily newspaper in 2004. It soon became a global phenomenon, and a permanent fixture in most papers. Our online version features “pencil mode”, letting you write several possible numbers in a square to be erased later, once you have deduced the correct answer.



This simple anagram puzzle has been popular in newspapers for years, but we think our new digital version has finally perfected it. Play against the clock, and instantly check if you have inputted an acceptable answer. But beware – mistakes will cost you a time penalty. Villainous, we know.