"He brings generations together": Fans start to arrive for Ed Sheeran's Roundhay Park shows

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Excitement is building across Leeds as fans prepare to welcome Ed Sheeran to Roundhay Park for two huge shows.

Final preparations are underway, with huge crew and catering vans making their way into the centre of the park, which has been fenced off.

The stage at Roundhay Park ahead of Ed Sheeran's shows.

The stage at Roundhay Park ahead of Ed Sheeran's shows.

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Taking in the view from The Mansion House as the finishing touches were made to the main stage on Thursday were Jenny and Jill, who have come from Germany for Friday's concert.

The pair, who are both in their twenties and live near Cologne, came to check out the park a day early.

"We just decided to come here and enjoy the city," said Jill

"I think the park is great," added Jenny. "The city is beautiful and historical, it's small and cute. It reminds me of the British crime films we watch in Germany."

They both had faith that Sheeran would be able to carry the huge crowd.

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"He's alone on the stage but it's like he's not alone so it's kind of special," said Jenny

Jill added: "He brings the generations together - kids, parents, even grandmas and they're all clapping along and doing as he says."

Simon English was meeting a clinet for work in the park. He lives nearby and is going to the concert with his wife and two children.

"It's great for Leeds," he said. "It's my children's first big gig so we're really excited for it."

"We're coming on Saturday and I just hope we don't get wet."

The capacity for both gigs is 80,000 - though the Friday show has not yet sold out.

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