These are the ridiculous emergencies that 999 time-wasters called West Yorkshire Police about this week

West Yorkshire Police has revealed the ridiculous reasons for some of the 999 calls it has received during the past week.

Friday, 19th February 2021, 4:45 pm
Police (stock image)

One person called the force to ask police where the nearest toilet was as they were having problems with their bowels.

West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter to say that this is something this person would have to find for themselves - and added that they "really hope" that they did find a toilet.

Fortunately, no "real" 999 calls were missed because of this time-waster, but the force branded it as "no joke".

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The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre officers tweeted: "It's #not999 if you have diarrhea and don't know where the nearest toilet is.

"I'm afraid you have to find that yourself (and I really hope that you did).

"Fortunately, no "real" 999 calls were missed because of you but it's #nojoke."

The force has also been on the receiving end of another ridiculous call this week, when someone rang 999 to tell the police their neighbour was drilling.

West Yorkshire Police tweeted that this was not a reason for an emergency call and pleaded for people not to ring them about matters such as this, using their #not999 hashtag.

The tweet said: "Please don't ring 999 because your neighbour is drilling and your housing association aren't answering the phone #not999."

Someone else called 999 this week to ask about what criminal convictions they had because they were filling out a loan application.

A West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre officer tweeted: "Please do not ring 999 to ask us about your criminal convictions whilst you are filling out a loan application. #not999."

Another call the force received this weekend on the emergency line was from someone telling police about a pawn shop which has the jewellery they gave to them having a light on inside.

Police encouraged this person to "think before 999" in a hashtag.

They tweeted: "Please do not ring us on 999 to tell us about a pawn shop having the jewellery you gave to them and a light being on inside.. #not999 #thinkbefore999"

These are not the first unbelievable calls that the force has received, with someone previously calling the force amidst flooding weather chaos to request that police check their fridge for germs because their flat made had taken food from a bin and placed it back into the fridge.

A West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre officer tweeted that they "can't believe" they were typing that this had happened and that this was a "genuine" call made on the emergency line.

During the snow in early February, someone reported that they had had a snowball thrown at their house - 20 minutes prior to them actually calling the force.

Another caller told the police her neighbour talks to her husband and she doesn't like it.

Other inappropriate 999 calls West Yorkshire Police has received include some about not being able to sleep and not being able to get a takeaway during the night.

Other callers have used the emergency line in the past to ask if barber shops were open and to tell the police a "not even funny" joke.

The emergency 999 number should only be used in a genuine emergency to access the police, ambulance or fire services.