These are the 'unacceptable' snow emergencies that people called West Yorkshire Police about today

West Yorkshire Police has revealed the ridiculous reasons for two of the 999 calls they received during the snow chaos today.

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, 8:16 pm
photo: West Yorkshire Police Help Desks

Someone called the force on the emergency line to tell them someone had thrown a snowball at their house - 20 minutes prior to the call.

West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter to reiterate that this was not an emergency, especially considering the time delay between when it had happened and when they had called.

The tweet said: "Someone throwing a snow ball at your house isn't an emergency.

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"Especially when it happened 20 minutes ago... #Not999."

The force has also been on the receiving end of another ridiculous call today, when someone rang 999 amid the weather chaos to report that their neighbour talks to their husband and they don't like it.

West Yorkshire Police reiterated on Twitter that this was not acceptable especially due to the large demand on the emergency line due to the snow.

The tweet said: "You cannot ring 999 because your neighbour talks to your husband and you don't like it.

"Today we have a large demand due to weather and this is not acceptable. #Not999"

This is not the first time that West Yorkshire Police has revealed some of the inappropriate 999 calls it has received, including some about not being able to sleep and not being able to get a takeaway during the night.

Other callers have used the emergency line in the past to ask if barber shops were open and to tell the police a "not even funny" joke.

The emergency 999 number should only be used in a genuine emergency to access the police, ambulance or fire services.