Leeds Bradford Airport: Passengers issue warnings of 'horrendous' queues

Warnings of lengthy queues at Leeds Bradford Airport have been issued on social media and passengers have been urged to arrive early ahead of planned flights.

By Tom Coates
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 11:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 12:15 pm

The airport has come under fire for the amount of time it has been taking some passengers to make their way through security.

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LBA was recently ranked as the joint worst of the 16 busiest airports in Britain by The Telegraph and there have been several reports filtering through on social media of issues in the pre-flight process.

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There have been several reports of long queues at Leeds Bradford Airport. Credit: James Hardisty

Twitter user @Brad7Lee warned: "For anyone coming to Leeds Bradford Airport, it really is as bad as people are saying. Three hours at least this morning for security."

Fellow user @ramjam1973 tweeted: "Huge queues at Leeds Bradford Airport for security. Get there early even for fast track."

@rcuffy hailed staff members at the airport as 'great' but claimed there was not enough of them and that the experience was a 'horribly stressful' one.

He said: "At Leeds Bradford - horrendous queues to get through security. Staff great, just not enough of them. All horribly stressful."

@zizi_87 added: "@LBIAirport ‘only’ 1hr 57mins to get through security today. @HeathrowAirport what’s your queue time …five mins?"

One Twitter user even reported that their flight had been delayed as a result of the delay in getting passengers through security.

@maisiejet tweeted: "Oooh delays in Security have now caused delay in departure. What a surprise!"

The Telegraph's recent rankings had LBA rooted to the bottom of their list alongside Bristol having assessed them on factors such as the frequency of flight cancellations and reliability.

LBA have made a series of recommendations to streamline journeys and minimise the risk of security issues.

They have advised arriving early, preparing carry-on baggage and emptying pockets.

The airport have reported that longer queue times are being experienced during peak travel times, which for LBA are between 4am and 8am and between 1pm and 4pm.

An LBA spokesperson said: “We would like to apologise to passengers impacted by queues at LBA. We’re working hard to overcome these challenges, that are impacting airports across the country, through recruitment and training initiatives, while managing queues safely."

They have also encouraged anyone seeking work to apply for roles listed on their official website.