'We would have stayed home': Mum details Leeds Bradford Airport queues hell as baby takes unwell following warm and cramped conditions

A mum has detailed her Leeds Bradford Airport hell as the warm and cramped conditions of the security queues led to her child becoming unwell.

By Alex Grant
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 4:45 am

It comes with the airport under mounting pressure as it continues to struggle dealing with the rise in passenger numbers returning to pre-pandemic levels.

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With many staff having been let go at the height of the pandemic, the airport is now in a race against time to hire and train up new staff.

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Speaking anonymously to the YEP, the mum detailed how their first family holiday as a young family was turned into a nightmare. Picture: James Hardisty.

Speaking anonymously to the YEP, the mum detailed how their first holiday as a young family was turned into a nightmare.

"We queued for three hours, the worst part being the end, closest to security. We were so cramped on the queue and got so warm that my six month old daughter overheated and vomited." she said.

"It was complete and utter carnage and I can’t believe the airport management allowed so many people through such a small space."

Holidaymakers have taken to social media in their hundreds in recent weeks to complain of queues 'stretching the length of the terminal'.

Others have branded the situation 'a disgrace'.

"What should have been a lovely start to our first family holiday was tears, tantrums and our overheated baby who I had to carry onto the plane in her vest to cool off." the mum detailed.

"I can’t believe that passenger safety, especially for babies, would be so compromised. Had we known how bad it would be in reality, we wouldn’t have set off from home on Sunday."

In a statement provided to the YEP, a Leeds Bradford spokesperson apologised to all those impacted by the current situation.

“We would like to apologise to passengers impacted by queues at LBA.

"We’re working hard to overcome these challenges, that are impacting airports across the country, through recruitment and training initiatives, while managing queues safely.

"The safety of passengers is our biggest priority and we are actively monitoring queues on CCTV, segmenting queues, and ensuring staff presence at the head of the queue placing people into lanes and on boarding card scanners."

LBA remains confident that with additional staff being recruited the situation will return to more normal queueing soon.

The airport is currently advising people to arrive several hours before their flight at the earliest time allowed.