Leeds label Rogue Puppet thrusts techno into the limelight this weekend at Eiger Music Studios

Leeds label and collective Rogue Puppet hosts their fourth party this Saturday at venue and recording studio Eiger.

By Abi Whistance
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 4:30 pm

Born out of a longing for connection through music during the pandemic, Rogue Puppet Records is a party project formed by DJ and promoter Nik Polycarpou.

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Previously hosting the likes of Balrog, YANT and Jo Poole, the label and collective prides itself on putting on events that support artists close to home, all for a price that doesn't break the bank.

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Event promoter Nik Polycarpou, of Rogue Puppet, at Eiger Studios in Leeds. Photo: Bruce Rollinson

"Leeds doesn't have a big techno scene, so we decided to try and provide more affordable events to give the Leeds techno heads something closer to home," said Nik.

"We don't have the budget to compete with the likes of Mint Warehouse or Distrikt, but we still put on a great party. People trust the promoters and brands they follow to meet their expectations."

This weekend marks Rogue Puppet's fourth party, with techno heavy hitter Jo Poole joined by Doncaster's Vollans and Maul and resident DJ Cyprusian (Nik Polycarpou).

"The artists we select have to align with our values of creating an inclusive atmosphere, where everyone is welcome to join and know they can feel safe and have fun," Nik went on to say.

Event promoter Nik Polycarpou, of Rogue Puppet, at Eiger Studios in Leeds. Photo: Bruce Rollinson

"We believe this is also one of the reasons that we are seeing people returning to our events and really enjoying themselves - these values are at the core of techno and dance music anyway."

Selecting Eiger Studios as their venue of choice, this Saturday is set to bring the noise with a punchy sound system in an intimate underground setting.

Located in the developing industrial area of New Craven Gate, both Eiger and Rogue Puppet offer a safe space for party goers to enjoy a night embedded in Leeds' techno community.

RP004 takes place at Eiger Studios this Saturday at 10pm until 4am.