24 never seen before photos of Harehills through the years

Is this the Harehills you remember?

By Andrew Hutchinson
Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 8:28 am

These photos have been plucked from the Yorkshire Evening Post archive and showcase life in the suburb during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. They feature local landmarks, street scenes, as well as pubs, restaurants and shops that you may remember. And they are also the focus of some news stories from back in the day. MORE UNSEEN PHOTOS: Beeston | Horsforth

Harehills Road with the now shut Delaney's Bar above the parade of shops.
Shops on Harehills Road. Did you visit any of these back in the day?

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The sweep of the bridge over the Harehills Lane-York Road junction.
Cars parked on Nice Avenue in Harehills.
One of the busiest shopping areas in Leeds - Harehills Lane near its junction with Compton Road.
A bustling Harehills Lane.
Customers were backing a fight to save an 80-year-old family butchers, one of five shops on Harehills Lane threatened with demolition. More than 500 people signed a petition against council plans to knock them down.
Do you remember playing out here?
The community centre at Harehills Place.
Shepherd's lane in Harehills.
Amrik's was the place for electricals.
All the children want is somewhere decent to play - but what is supposed to be a green oasis of enjoyment in Harehills was under constant attack. Now 20 trees have been snapped in half at the play area in Hovingham Avenue.
Di you remember playing out here?
An army of painters get to work on empty houses in Harehills.
Row upon row of roofs typify Harehills as seen from this vantage point near Lovel Park Road.
Did you visit these shops in the mid-1990s?
Is this the Harehills you remember?
Do you remember Bussy's fish bar in Harehills?
Harehills Lane.
Did you use Parmars green grocers and off-licence back in the day?
When the council decided to resurface the Baywaters - 10 streets in Harehlls - they mysteriously left one street untouched. Bayswater Row residents wanted to know why grass was still growing through the cobblestones of their road
The Halifax Building Society branch on Roundhay Road.
The shopping parade on Roundhay Road.
Dorset Post Office in Harehills.