Rain on way for Leeds as city braces for cold weekend of snow - Met Office forecast

A weather warning has been issued for Leeds as the city braces for a cold weekend of rain, snow and ice.

Friday, 5th February 2021, 6:00 am

The three-day yellow warning for snow and ice has been issued by the Met Office for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

It will rain throughout the duration of Saturday until the snowy weather kicks off with some sleet on Saturday evening and continues through the early hours of Sunday morning.

On Sunday, conditions will be mostly overcast but cold.

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Snow is forecast this weekend in Leeds

The snow will then begin to fall lightly on Sunday evening, getting heavier as we head into Monday.

The heavy snow is set to last until around 9am on Monday morning.

After that, the weather will stay cloudy for a few hours, followed by bursts of light snow periodically until the end of the yellow weather warning period at midnight.

From Saturday through to Monday, the Met Office forecast is: "Rain will turn increasingly to snow later Saturday, turning more showery.

"Further snow showers expected through Sunday and Monday, occasionally bright.

"Feeling increasingly cold in sometimes strong easterly winds."

A weekend of snow follows a downpour of heavy February snow on Tuesday this week which left cars, buses and lorries stuck with spinning wheels on the roads in Leeds.

The snow earlier this week also caused bus delays, a lorry jackknifed across all the lanes of the M62, and cancelled bin collections and the Met Office has issued warnings of a similar nature for this weekend.

It said that there is a chance of delays on the roads again this weekend, with some stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail travel.

There is also a change that power cuts will occur and mobile phone coverage may be affected.

Untreated pavements and cycle paths may also become impassable as the weather worsens.

West Yorkshire Prepared Forum's tips for driving in snow and ice:

- Only travel if absolutely necessary.

- You must be able to see, so clear ALL snow and ice from windows, mirrors and the roof (to stop it slipping onto the windscreen when braking!)

-Wear comfortable, dry shoes for driving.

- Drive carefully. Pull away in 2nd gear where possible, low revs and a gentle right foot so the wheels don’t spin.

- Prevent your windscreen misting up by cleaning it with shaving foam

- Stick to main gritted routes where possible and stay off closed roads.

- Plan well ahead when driving to avoid having to stop or slow down on hills.

- Drive slowly around bends, where loss of control is a risk.

- Reduce speed early and gently, use a low gear and engine breaking, try not to be heavy on the brakes so you don’t slide.

- Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front, stopping distances can increase by ten times dry weather distances.

- Gritted roads can still be slippery - always drive for the weather conditions.