Will there be a hosepipe ban in Leeds? What Yorkshire Water says as UK heatwave temperatures set to top 40C

While it may be tempting to douse yourself with a hosepipe all day long, water companies are warning their customers to not use to much.

As temperatures hit unprecedented levels this week and Leeds expected to reach hellish heights of 39.C you may be looking at the hosepipe for some much needed cooling down.

Whether it’s getting the paddling pool out, giving the plants an extra water or having a good old fashioned water fight it’s very tempting to turn the hosepipe on for the day - but water companies are advising against this plan of action.

While there are currently no hosepipe bans in place in the UK, Yorkshire Water has urged its customers to think carefully about their water usage so as to avoid any restrictions in the coming days or weeks.

A spokesperson from Yorkshire Water said: “Yorkshire has experienced a particularly dry spring and summer, which has meant our reservoirs are lower than normal for this time of year.

“During the hot weather, we’ve been supplying more water than normal to our customers. That’s why we’re asking our customers to use water wisely and allow their lawns to go brown, not wash the car for a few weeks and turn the taps off when they’re brushing their teeth to stop waste and reduce the likelihood of restrictions later in the summer.”

Why might water companies impose a hosepipe ban?

During a spell of weather as hot as the one we’re currently experiencing, the last thing that people need is a water shortage. Reservoir levels have already fallen lower than normal in Yorkshire.

In the event of a hosepipe ban, there will be multiple restrictions placed upon how you use water. You won’t be able to use a hosepipe for cleaning purposes or to water your plants, for example.

You also won’t be able to use a hosepipe to fill up a pool or to cool yourself down. In addition to this, you’ll also be required to turn off any water features that you may have in your garden.

Anyone found guilty of contravening these bans could find themselves in court and be faced with fine of up to £1,000.