Shoppers report empty shelves across Yorkshire as Beast from the East hits bread and milk

Yorkshire may be recovering from its mauling by the Beast from the East, but not everything's back to normal as this striking image shows.

David Holmes captured this shot of completely empty shelves in the bread aisle of Morrisons' Sheffield store today, following heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures brought to Yorkshire by the ominous sounding weather system in recent days.

Is more snow on the way? Day by day weather forecast for Leeds & YorkshireIt is not clear whether the scene of desolation was down to panic-buying, problems with deliveries or a combination of the two. Mr Holmes initially posted the image accompanied by the message: "A bit of snow and we take leave of our senses."

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Across Yorkshire, shoppers are reporting similar scenes, with staples including bread and milk running low or absent entirely.

Have you been affected? Let us know @leedsnews and @yorkshirepost