Leeds Council preparing to launch 90 more 20mph zones across the city

Leeds Council has revealed it is in the final phases of rolling out 90 more 20mph zones in Leeds - after growing calls for new speed measures following a string of deaths.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 4:43 pm
Speed measures

The council responded to Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves' demands to introduce "life-saving" 20mph zones in Leeds following two fatal crashes in her constituency.

- > Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves demands Leeds City Council introduce life-saving 20mph zones following fatal crashes She said earlier this week: “The recent collisions on roads in West Leeds are tragic for families who have lost loved ones and incredibly concerning for everyone in the local community.

"We urgently need the support of Leeds City Council to reduce speed limits across our area and to prevent any further lives being lost.

"Cutting speed limits on our roads will save lives and make our streets far safer for everyone who uses them.

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"I understand the strength of feeling of the whole community on this issue and I want to see urgent action to improve road safety for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists across the city.”

Leeds Council said it is currently in the "final phases" of a programme of works which will see 90 more 20mph zones "around schools and connecting residential areas".

The authority said it was in "regular dialogue" with all relevant agencies and revealed senior officers from the council had met with Rachel Reeves MP to discuss the issue in relation to concerns in the Leeds West constituency.

Since Reeves originally wrote to Leeds City Council in May, there have been a further two serious incidents and two fatalities on West Leeds roads.

Dale McDonald, 25 - described as having a heart of gold - was riding a push bike on Stanningley road near Bramley when he was knocked by a Mini in May.Last week, Shane Grimes, 30, was hit by a Skoda Fabia on Stanningley Road at its junction with Armley Grange Drive.

-> 'Doting' Leeds dad struck by car and killed on Stanningley Road just days after son's first birthday A child was also injured and taken to hospital on Wortley Road on 18th June and a woman was injured and taken to hospital in a crash on the A65 Abbey Road on 15th July.

All three of the incidents took place within less than a three-mile radius of each other in West Leeds.

Rachel Reeves MP demanded for the council to take action amid mounting concerns from her constituents.

The full comment from the council said: "Following the conclusion of the police investigations into the recent incidents we will discuss the issues with all relevant agencies to consider any appropriate measures which would improve road safety.

"Senior officers from Leeds City Council met with Rachel Reeves MP recently to discuss this issue in relation to her constituency.

"The council is currently in the final phases of a programme of works which will see 90 more 20mph zones around schools and connecting residential areas and is in regular dialogue with all relevant agencies about other measures which can be introduced in Leeds to effectively improve safety on our roads.”

Resident Clive Bateson, 78, is a resident of Armley Grange Drive on Stanningley Road - where he has lived for 34 years.

After reading Leeds MP Rachel Reeves' response to recent fatalities on the road, Clive said the criteria has now been met to install speed cameras on the "traffic rat-run" and called for action from the council.

In a letter to the YEP, he said: "I am a resident of Armley Grange Drive on Stanningley Road where I have lived for 34 years which was once a nice place to live.

"Now it is blighted by traffic rat-running from Stanningley road to Greenhill road and visa versa.

"The residents have been campaigning for 20 years for the highways and the police to do something to stop the speeding traffic rat running through this 20 mph road, without any solution."

Clive said residents have asked the highways and police teams continuously to be installed on the stretch of road from the Armley Gyratory to Bramley Town End.

He added: "There are no means of deterring speeding drivers on this main arterial road, thus the latest of numerous collisions and the fatalities of which has prompted me to write to you.

"The council reacts to this request by stating that the installation of cameras has to meet a criteria of four deaths in five years,( which has now been met) and that they are expensive, (and so are funerals).

"What does it take to get them to do something about this serious problem.

"There are now today another three children without a father."

Leeds Council has already introduced 83 similar zones in a longstanding programme running since 1990.