Ed Sheeran site map for huge Roundhay Park concert in Leeds released

The site map for the huge Ed Sheeran concert in Roundhay Park has been released.

Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 8:47 am
Ed Sheeran cc PA

-> Leeds City Council have banned parking on these streets for Ed Sheeran's Roundhay Park concertHuge global star Ed Sheeran is set to play concerts to tens of thousands of budding fans at Roundhay Park on both Friday 16 and Saturday 17 August.

No less than six bars and a large array of food and drink merchants will be on site.

The large stage area is in the centre of the park at the bottom of the hill.

The full site map for the concert.

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Two car parks will be located at either end of the site for coaches and cars.

A full list of FAQs have also been answered:

There are no paper tickets for entry to the concert.

To gain entry, the ticket purchaser must bring the original payment card, their email confirmation and a valid photo ID that matches the name on the payment card.

Other tickets bought under that name can be given to other people as long as they arrive with the lead booker.

If you have lost your payment card, or it has expired, you will need contact your ticket agent to change the card on the booking.

What if the tickets were gifted to me?

If the tickets were a gift, the person who purchased the ticket will have to escort you to the concert and show their photo ID and payment card before you can get in.

There is no alternative as the photo ID must match the payment card.

Leeds mum Lesley Hirst bought the tickets as a gift for her children but is concerned that they will be denied entry.

She said: "Thousands of people will have done the same given they went on sale before Christmas.

"The gate stewards are going to have a fun day and I am afraid Ed might have got this slightly wrong.

"I am all for stopping the touts but we should be able to buy the special gift of a concert ticket and expect our recipients to gain access."

Ticket organisers DHP said the system is in place to stop fraudsters selling on tickets at extortionate prices.

A DHP spokesperson said: "These measures are in place to combat secondary ticketing and to make sure all genuine fans were able to access tickets.

"This information was given at the booking stage and all ticket purchasers had to check a tick box confirming they understood the terms and conditions of the ticket sale prior to buying the tickets."

What are the age restrictions?

No children under five will be allowed entry.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What happens if my tickets are rejected?

If you bought a ticket from an unauthorised seller you will be refused entry and given an official refusal of entry letter.

You can then attempt to gain a refund from the site that you booked the tickets with.

What else do I need to know?

The organisers have issued a list of banned items for the concert - which can be found here.

Although professional cameras and equipment are banned, personal cameras or mobile phones may be used to record the concert.

Road closures and bus diversions will be in place over the weekend and disruption is expected in the Roundhay area.