12 things you don’t see in Leeds city centre anymore that you could a decade ago

Leeds has seen huge change over the last decade years.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 16:38 pm

And the city centre has been at the forefront of the economic revival thanks to a raft of developments combined with new openings. Yet we have also lost some familiar haunts over the last 10 years as our gallery showcases. READ MORE: 10 fascinating and strange secrets hidden underground in Leeds | 63 photos you'll only understand if you enjoyed the Leeds Lord Mayor's Parade down the years | 15 photos you'll only understand if you're from Leeds

Remember this escalator at the Leeds Shopping Plaza on Albion Street?
Its loss was mourned by thousands of music fans and clubbers around Leeds and beyond when it closed in September 2014 after 20 years.
Known for its quirky television and movie memorabilia and alternative music scene the much-loved Fab Caf on Woodhouse Lane closed its doors for the last time in April 2015.

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Do you remember this restaurant tucked away in a charming vaulted basement on Wellington Street? It aimed to provide diners with a little taste of France on their doorstep.
Formerly Josephs Well this venue near Park Lane College welcomed The Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and British Sea Power on its stage. Shut down in March 2012 after issues with soundproofing, beer prices and hours.
By the 2009 the traditional cafe in Leeds was endangered species. This was one of the last to go and will be fondly remembered by a generation of shoppers.
Located at the lower end of Westgate the pool was notable for its brutalist architecture. Demolished in 2009.
In 1987 it was Leeds largest post office.But the branch closed in the 2000s. Did you ever pop in on a lunchtime for a stamp?
Featured with a tear in our eye, everyone used our clock to check the time and temperature driving in and out of the city centre.
Remember dancing the night away at this club on City Square? Fell victim to a devastating fire in 2014.
Remember students rushing in and out of here back in the day? The Woodhouse Lane building is due to be demolished and replaced with 20-storeys of student accommodation.
Thousands of people flocked to bag a bargain at a big closing down sale at Allders, which included filling a carrier with all the underwear you could stuff in for a fiver.