Packed plane quarantined at airport after 100 passengers fall ill in mid-air

JFK AirportJFK Airport
JFK Airport
A packed plane has been grounded at a major international airport after 100 passengers fell ill in mid-air.

The Emirates plane has been quarantined at JFK Airport in New York after scores of people suddenly fall ill with ‘fevers and coughs’ on board.

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Flight 203 from Dubai was heading to New York when 100 of the 500 passengers became ill, according to reports.

According to NBC, the flight landed about 9:10am local time where Port Authority Police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were waiting in a staging area to check passengers.

The plane was then placed in quarantine.

According to one passenger Larry Coben, police and ambulances were on the scene to meet the flight as it landed.

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He said: "All we have been told is that some passengers have fallen ill and we should remain in our seats."

He tweeted that he has seen "no evidence of illness", but added that Flight 203 has "two levels".