These are the ridiculous dog and other pet emergencies that 999 time-wasters called West Yorkshire Police about this week

West Yorkshire Police has revealed the ridiculous reasons for some of the pet-related 999 calls it has received during the past week.

By Immy Share
Sunday, 14th March 2021, 4:45 pm
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One person called the force because a dog was barking in their neighbourhood.

West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter to say that this is 'NOT a life or death emergency' and so to be mindful of the appropriate services to use.

The force used its #not999 hashtag to show this was not an appropriate use of the emergency line, along with a #genuine999call hashtag to show it genuinely had happened.

The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre officers tweeted: "Ringing 999 because a dog is barking in your neighbourhood is NOT a life or death emergency.

"Please be mindful of the appropriate services to use #not999 #genuine999call."

They also tagged the link to the council page for reporting a noise nuisance.

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The force has also been on the receiving end of another ridiculous call this week, when someone rang 999 to tell police they wanted to sue their vets as they weren't answering the phone.

West Yorkshire Police tweeted that this was a 'genuine' call they had received at 12.25am and that this person's pets are 'probably thankful' that the vets weren't answering.

This was also accompanied by the #not999 and #genuine999call hashtags.

The tweet said: "As per our previous tweet, another genuine call we have just taken - Calling 999 because you want to sue your vets as they aren't answering...your pets probably thankful! #not999 #genuine999call"

These are not the first unbelievable calls that the force has received recently, with someone else calling the force because they wanted help with opening a bottle of wine.

Some previously called the force amidst flooding weather chaos to request that police check their fridge for germs because their flat made had taken food from a bin and placed it back into the fridge.

A West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Centre officer tweeted that they "can't believe" they were typing that this had happened and that this was a "genuine" call made on the emergency line.

During the snow in early February, someone reported that they had had a snowball thrown at their house - 20 minutes prior to them actually calling the force.

Another caller told the police her neighbour talks to her husband and she doesn't like it.

Other inappropriate 999 calls West Yorkshire Police has received include some about not being able to sleep and not being able to get a takeaway during the night.

Other callers have used the emergency line in the past to ask if barber shops were open and to tell the police a "not even funny" joke.

The emergency 999 number should only be used in a genuine emergency to access the police, ambulance or fire services.