The ridiculous emergencies that time-wasters called 'extremely busy' police about this week

West Yorkshire Police has revealed the ridiculous reasons for some of the emergency 999 and 101 calls it has received during the past week.

Saturday, 20th March 2021, 4:45 pm
Police stock image

One person called the force to ask them to search their girlfriend's telephone number to see if they had been unfaithful.

West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter to clarify that they would not do this and that although this was on the 101 line, it was still a call that shouldn't have been made to them.

The West Yorkshire Police contact management centre officers tweeted: "We will not search your girlfriends telephone number to see if they have been unfaithful......... It was on 101 but still."

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The force has also been on the receiving end of another ridiculous call this week, when someone rang 999 to tell police there was a bird stuck in their loft.

The person argued with the police and told them that this was a crime that 'needed' to be dealt with.

The force tweeted about the call using its #not999 hashtag to show that this was not an appropriate use of the emergency line, along with a #NotaPoliceMatter hashtag.

The tweet said: "A bird that is stuck in your loft is not a reason to call the police.

"Don't try and argue either saying it is a crime and we need to deal with it. #Not999 #NotAPoliceMatter."

Someone else called 999 this week to tell police there was a snake in their bathroom.

The force suggested that this person spoke to the RSPCA instead of them as this was also #NotaPoliceMatter.

West Yorkshire Police's contact management centre account tweeted: "A snake in your bathroom is not a reason to ring 999 and ask for the police. Try @RSPCA_official #Not999 #NotAPoliceMatter."

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On one 'extremely busy' day for all emergency services contact teams this week, one person called 999 and asked for police and ambulance assistance because a pigeon was staring at them.

The force used its #genuine999call hashtag on Twitter to show that this was a call someone had actually made on the emergency line.

The tweet said: "It's been another extremely busy day here in contact for all teams. Before Team 3 hand over to Team 1 here is another genuine and serious 999 call taken - asking for police and ambulance assistance as there was a pigeon staring at them... #not999 #genuine999call."

Another person called the emergency line asking for contact details for the channel tunnel.

The force reported that fortunately no 999 calls were delayed or missed during the answering of this call, but pleaded with people not to call them if this is what they wanted to know.

The force revealed what had happened on Twitter in a post that said: "If you need contact details for the channel tunnel, please don't call us.

"It's #not999. #ClickB4UCall can also mean use google... Fortunately, no 999 calls were delayed or missed during the answering of this call."

These are not the first unbelievable calls that the force has received recently, with someone else calling the force because they wanted help with opening a bottle of wine.

The emergency 999 number should only be used in a genuine emergency to access the police, ambulance or fire services.