Police warn PIN number scam with fake injuries at cash machines could be heading to Yorkshire

Police are warning people in Yorkshire not to fall for a distraction scam where groups of men fake injuries and ask for directions to the nearest hospital.

Monday, 7th October 2019, 6:00 pm

There has been a spate of incidents in the south of the country in which bank cards have been stolen.

-> Police appeal after secret camera discovered in toilet of West Yorkshire Costa CoffeeGangs of men in the Hertfordshire and Wiltshire areas have been watching customers enter their PIN at the tills in supermarkets.

They then follow the victim to the car park and will engage them in conversation.

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Scammers have been targeting customers at supermarket checkouts.

Faking illness or injury, they will ask for directions to the nearest hospital, often getting the victim to do searches on their phone.

On a few occasions, one of the men has been wearing a knee brace.

While the victim is distracted, another of the men will steal bank cards before going on to buy items or withdraw cash totalling thousands of pounds.

-> Yorkshire man sentenced after dog killed by serious infectionsOften it is much later on when the victim realises what has actually happened.

The men are described as having Eastern European accents.

Police in Wakefield said they have not had reports of this happening in the district, but added: "We want to let you know that this type of crime is happening in the south of the country and to make you aware and prevent this from happening within our district.

"Please share this information with friends and family."