One hundred burglaries and attempted burglaries in Leeds in one week

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West Yorkshire Police has revealed there have been 100 burglaries and attempted burglaries in Leeds in one week.

The crimes took place between Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, August 4

Officers said this was due to a rise in 'sneak in' burglaries - when someone sneaks in through an unlocked door or window.

Nearly half of the incidents last week are considered by the police to be 'sneak ins'.

In 38% of cases, a car was stolen from the property.

Now, police are urging residents to secure their doors and windows.

Chief Inspector Dan Wood, Leeds District Serious Acquisitive Crime Lead, said: “We don’t have a particular problem with burglaries in Leeds, but the recent warm weather means residents are leaving doors and windows insecure and so there has been an increase in offending of this type. Would-be burglars will often look for the easiest way to get into a property, whether that’s through an open downstairs window or a patio door being left open.

“It’s important to make it as hard as possible for them to get into your property by ensuring doors and windows are locked.

“Police in Leeds continue to work hard to reduce the number of burglaries and deter them from happening, but the public can help us by keeping their properties secure at all times.”

To keep your property secure, consider using a security chain to prevent unwanted entry into your house. Also, avoid leaving valuables such as car keys, mobile phones and handbags near windows and consider installing audible warning systems on externals doors to alert you to possible intruders."

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