Dogs Trust Leeds: Meet the cute new dogs and puppies urgently looking for a forever home

Meet Bear, Jasmine, Lady and Pearl - the newest dogs at Leeds Dogs Trust who are urgently looking for a new forever home.

Friday, 26th February 2021, 4:50 pm
Bear, Jasmine, Lady and Pearl (photos: Leeds Dogs Trust)


Bear is an 18-month-old standard poodle newfoundland cross and needs owners who understand his need to take things slowly in order to build his confidence.

He is one of life's worriers and a lot of things can make him feel uncomfortable, taking a long time to come out of his shell.

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Jasmine is a sweet and friendly pug, who likes everyone she meets (photo: Dogs Trust Leeds)

Bear will need many visits until he bonds with someone enough to go home, but once he has formed a relationship he is very affectionate and fun.

He loves cuddly toys and loves his food which makes his ongoing training easier.

Bear needs an adult-only home with no visiting children, and very few visitors generally - with none at all during his settling in period as he worries around unfamiliar people.

He must be the only pet but should be able to make walking buddies in time if he is introduced to them correctly.

Pearl is a shy but sweet greyhound who is an ex-racer (photo: Dogs Trust Leeds)

Bear's garden will need to be secure with six-foot fencing so he has somewhere to play off his lead.

He cannot be left alone so he needs someone who is around all the time for as long as he takes to settle.

His home must be in a quiet area with easy access to peaceful walks - away from any hustle and bustle.

Most importantly, Bear needs very patient owners who have a good passion for training.

He is doing really well with his training plan and Dogs Trust will help and support you with this every step of the way.


Jasmine is a sweet and friendly pug, who likes everyone she meets.

She will make a fantastic addition to a family with children aged eight or over.

She would prefer to be the only dog in a home but will be friendly with others she meets while out on walks.

Jasmine loves to play with toys and is lots of fun to be around.

She needs owners around her all the time initially to help her settle, and a fully enclosed garden as she loves to explore new environments.

Jasmine is super sweet and friendly with everyone she meets.

She will make a fantastic addition to a family with children over 8 years old.

She is friendly with dogs out on a walk but would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Jasmine loves to play with toys and is a lot of fun to be around.


Lady is a six-years-old German shepherd dog and has been through a lot in her life time - she has one part of one of her feet missing due to an old injury.

As a result she will need very understanding owners who will give her time and space to come out of her shell as she can get very worried and become unsure of what to do in certain situations.

Lady likes to have someone around to play with and loves her toys, almost obsessively, and likes to play fetch with her human friends.

She gets worried by other dogs and will bark if they get too close to her, meaning she won't be able to share her home with any other pets.

Lady is making good progress with her training and enjoys learning new things so she will need this to continue in her new home.

She will need her owners around all the time initially as she doesn't like to be left alone and she cannot live with children so needs an adult only home in a low dog populated area.

She really enjoys her walks but will need to be walked in quiet areas away from other dogs.

It's vital that Lady has a secure garden, with no neighbouring dogs so she has somewhere to enjoy herself off-lead.


Pearl is a shy but sweet greyhound who is an ex-racer.

She has lived a sheltered life and will need a quiet home with understanding owners that will take time to help her gain confidence.

While she is sociable with dogs on a walk she would prefer to be the only dog in the home but could have walking friends.

Pearl has started playing with toys and really loves squeaky ones especially - and a secure garden is a most so she can do 'zoomies' off lead.

She will take some time to adjust to her new home but is slowly showing her sweet loving nature and will blossom in her new home.

She would like a quiet home with children aged 16 and upwards and Pearl will needs someone at home with her initially as she has never lived in a home environment before so needs house training.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, each dog's new home must be within an hour's drive from the Leeds rehoming centre at Woodlands Farm on York Street off the A64.