Meet the adorable new Leeds Dogs Trust dogs urgently looking for a home

Meet Bess, Charlie and Nova - the newest dogs at Leeds Dogs Trust who are urgently looking for a new forever home.

Saturday, 20th February 2021, 4:45 pm
Bess (top left), Charlie (bottom left) and Nova (right) are looking for new homes in Leeds (photos: Leeds Dogs Trust)
Bess (top left), Charlie (bottom left) and Nova (right) are looking for new homes in Leeds (photos: Leeds Dogs Trust)


Bess is only 11 months old and is happy to see anyone - humans and dogs.

The Jack Russell Terrier loves playing with her toys and enjoys some gentle fuss once she knows you a bit better.

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She really enjoys being around other dogs but struggles with her manners and could do with her dog socialising training being continued at her new home.

This is in addition to other training as she only knows the very basics.

Bess will need a housetraining refresher so a secure garden will be needed.

The JRT shows signs of being a little worried about the big wide world world sometimes so her owners will need to work slowly to build her confidence.

Once settled into her new home and in a good routine she will be a wonderful pet to have.

Bess will need her new family to be around all the time initially as she doesn't like being left on her own.

She will be fine to share her home with another sensible dog who can be a good role model for her, and children over 14 will also be fine.

Due to her Terrier breed traits, other smaller furry pets are a no-go.

Bess' new home must be less than a one hour drive from the Leeds rehoming centre at Woodlands Farm on York Street off the A64.


Charlie is an Akita crossbreed who is ready to start looking for his new home.

He is easy to introduce to people although he can be worried when visitors come into the house.

Once he knows you he enjoys a fuss, and there is a lot of him to fuss over.

He has been rehomed and returned to Dogs Trust a couple of times, so this time he is looking for experienced owners who are fans of large breed dogs, and have maybe owned one or two before.

Charlie needs to wear a muzzle on walks whenever he could come into contact with small animals or other dogs.

The vast majority of the time he walks like a dream on the lead, but when he wants to go somewhere fast he is incredibly strong and needs owners who can hold onto him and keep their footing at the same time.

Charlie is looking for a home with owners who are around most of the time initially, and needs an adult only home with no other pets.

Once he has settled in, he should be fine on is own for short periods.

Charlie would hugely benefit from living somewhere with quiet walks and not too many dogs, and he needs a home with a Charlie-sized enclosed garden, so that he can enjoy some off lead time and has somewhere to chill out in the fresh air.

Until Covid restrictions are lifted, meets with Charlie will not be able to start but provisional chats with the Dogs Trust Training and Behaviour Team are welcome.


Nova is a Siberian Husky who is four years old and looking for patient owners who will help her slowly settle into her new life.

She is a typical Husky through-and-through so somebody who will understand and has experience of her breed traits would be ideal.

She is very friendly with everyone she meets, but in true Husky style she prefers to do her own thing, especially when out on a walk.

She will socialise fine with other dogs but isn't interested in sharing her home with one as she has a strong chance instinct typical of her breed.

Nova will need very patient owners who are prepared for a long settling in period.

She cannot be left alone at the moment so must have somebody around all the time initially.

She will need her owners to be very active and prepared to take her on plenty of fun adventures.

Having a keen interest in training will be a perfect match for Nova as she has the potential to really flourish.

A secure garden will also be required so she can play off-lead.

Although her character will not be suitable for young children, she should be fine with over 16 year olds.

Nova's new home must be less than a one hour drive from the Leeds rehoming centre at Woodlands Farm on York Street off the A64.