New UK crash map shows riskiest roads

Motoring story - Dangerous mapsMotoring story - Dangerous maps
Motoring story - Dangerous maps
A new interactive '˜Dangerous Road Maps' has revealed Yorkshire's riskiest roads.

The map, created by motor insurer Ageas, uses analysis from the Road Safety Foundation to allow visitors to the site to explore the riskiest roads in their areas, based on the number of serious and fatal accidents that have been recorded there.

The map has revealed that Yorkshire’s riskiest road is the A645 between the junction with the A628 and the junction of the A638 near Crofton.

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Ageas and the Road Safety Foundation are together now calling for an immediate investment of £75 million from the government, and a further £75 million annually for five years thereafter, to improve these riskiest roads. It’s estimated that the immediate investment of £75 million on these roads would prevent an estimated 1,100 fatal and serious injuries over the next two decades, while the £450m investment could prevent as many as 5,600 deaths or serious injuries over the same time. Progress on reducing road deaths has stagnated since 2011, with 1,793 people killed on Britain’s roads in 2017 - the highest number since 2011. If Great Britain had been on track to halve road deaths within this decade, in line with international targets, an extra 2,549 people would not have lost their lives between 2010 and 2017.

The Safer Roads Fund was part of an investment package announced in 2016 by the Department of Transport to upgrade 50 of England’s most dangerous local A-road sections. This £100 million is projected to prevent 1,450 fatal and serious injuries over the next 20 years, with a value of prevention of £550 million. And every £1 spent is projected to have societal benefit of £4.40, by not only addressing the human cost, but by limiting hidden post-crash costs that include medical, ambulance, police, lost output, insurance and property damage.

Explore the online 2018 Road Crash Map at

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