TV preview: Outnumbered

After nearly a three-year gap, Outnumbered returns for a special festive edition.

It’s Boxing Day and the Brockman family have to carry out a special mission for Grandad. They encounter car problems, child problems, parent problems, emotional problems and World War Two. If the adults can’t sort things out the children will have to. Like all families, everything has changed and everything remains the same.

The only official adult of the Brockman children, Tyger Drew-Honey – who was just 11 when he was cast as eldest sibling, Jake – is well-versed in the furore that surrounds the family show. And the recipe to its success, he believes, is clear.

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“Outnumbered is funny but in a realistic way, not a traditional sitcom-y way,” he begins, in reference to how creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin manage to keep the laughs relevant. “I think that’s why the audience can really connect with us. “We want to give them this slice of time. This is the family and this is how they’re going to be. We have that honest, realistic relationship.”

Outnumbered, BBC1, Boxing Day, 10pm