Voujon Indian Restaurant and Takeaway: Nine photos showcasing the hidden gem Indian restaurant in Headingley

An fine-dining restaurant in Leeds that has slowly been making a name for itself locally is urging the wider community to give its unique dishes a go.

Voujon Indian Restaurant and Takeaway opened on Otley Road in Far Headingley in 2018 and has become a regular spot for locals who enjoy their experimental dishes.

Co-owner of the family-run restaurant Syd Miah showed us around the beautifully decorated space, explaining that it was he who urged the family to set up in Leeds following their success in York and East Yorkshire.

The spot has become known for the great quality of the food as well as the superb service, with Syd being on first-name terms with many of the repeat customers who come through the doors.

He told us that he is making a push to make more people aware of the restaurant due to the increase in competition and the “hidden gem” nature of the location.

Below is a selection of photos from Voujon.

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