Fruity Leeds student club to host five-night party extravaganza after lockdown - here's how to get tickets

Leeds' most popular student night is set to make its return after lockdown with a five-night party - and here's how you can get tickets.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 4:45 pm
Fruity (photo: Leeds University Union)

Students in Leeds will all be familiar with Fruity - the famous club night usually held on a Friday in the Leeds University Union.

Known as 'the only place you'll want to kick-start your weekend', the student night is now set to make its post-lockdown return with a five-night extravaganza.

The club night took to social media to announce that it will be making up for all the Fruity-fun that has been missed with different themed nights from occasions throughout the year.

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Fruity enticed students to join the Birthday Bash, Valentine's, Halloween and Christmas themed parties, and the Summer Finale, with a picturesque scene.

The post said: "Picture this... it's June 21st and the sun is shining.

"You’ve spent the afternoon sat in Hyde Park with your best mates running back and forth to saino’s.

"You’re a little pink in places but you don’t care because you’re finally wearing that outfit you’ve been saving for months.

"Someone finally say’s it ‘Shall we go Fruity?’.

"You hop in a taxi to the Union.

"You get to the door and the place is packed.

"You scramble through your phone to find your E-Ticket and hear Mr Brightside playing in the distance.

"You get to the bar and grab your VK’s.

"Those unmistakable Fruity tunes fills your ears.

"You’re back.

"The Fruity’s that never happened.

"1 week. 5 Fruitys."

Under the Government's road map out of lockdown, the initial date of June 21 has been set for all restrictions to be eased - permitting clubs to reopen.

The Fruity events will take place throughout the first week when all restrictions are hoped to be lifted - and will be held on the five consecutive nights from June 21.

Fruity tickets went on sale at midday today here and according to Fruity, the site has already experienced some technical difficulties due to such 'huge' demand.

Hundreds of students have already been tagging their friends in the announcement on Facebook, with one ensuring "So we're doing all 5 right" and another suggesting their friend "should book the week off work".

One Fruity go-er is "lost for words" and another is "emotional" at the thought of returning to the club.

Will you be joining in on the Fruity fun?