PREVIEW: Yorkshire golden great Tony Christie to play Grimsby Auditorium

Golden great Tony Christie is back fighting fit for his rescheduled date at Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday - January 26, 2017, at 7.30pm.

Golden great Tony Christie at Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday, January 26, 2017.
Golden great Tony Christie at Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

It was one of only two out of 32 shows he had to move but it has given fans another chance to see the Amarillo star's rescheduled performance.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets for Grimsby Auditorium are £27 each, available from or by calling 0300 300 0035.

VIDEO: Watch Tony, on our embedded YouTube player, performing (Is This The Way To) Amarillo - or CLICK HERE.

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    The septuagenarian - he turns 74 in April - will be strutting his stuff on the well-trodden stage to all his greatest hits and more including Is This The Way To Amarillo?

    Comedian Peter Kay performed the song in his hit TV show Phoenix Nights and in 2005 Tony's original was re-released for Comic Relief - going straight to the top of the charts.

    His special guests are Ranagri, who performs songs with him in the first half from their recent hit album together, The Great Irish Songbook, which reflects on his Irish roots.

    The second half sees him belting out hit after hit from new three CD box set 50 Golden Greats, featuring the likes of Las Vegas, Avenues and Alleyways I Did What I Did For Maria, Solitaire, Walk Like A Panther and, yes, (Is This the Way To) Amarillo?

    Golden great Tony recently revealed how he has been blessed with a 50-year recording career thanks to help from his guardian angels.

    They have helped him to keep going.

    Fans can expect all the hits when Tony Christie takes centre stage.

    He even sings about his angels on his latest 50 Golden Greats album, which is full of life defining hits and new songs.

    You Are My Lifeline, written by 10cc's Graham Gouldman and produced by Graham Pleeth, includes the lines "all I needed was a helping hand, guiding me through thick and thin" and "let the angels take control".

    In an exclusive chat - hear it all online - South Yorkshire born Tony, from Doncaster, spoke about his faith and how his angels continue to play a huge part in his life and career.

    He said: "My wife and I believe that everyone has a guardian angel and if ever I am in trouble or not feeling well I just sit and concentrate.I asked them for help and they've never let me down yet.

    "I'll give you an example. I was doing a guest spot at the Albert Hall with Richard Hawley, who produced my Made In Sheffield album and I wasn't feeling too good. I had about 10 to 15 minutes alone in my dressing room, asking the angels for help. I went on and sang Danger Is A Woman In Love and half way through the song the whole audience stood up. That's how good I was singing. It went down an absolute storm."

    The final track on 50 Golden Greats is called When All Is Said And Done, which could be taken as a My Way style sign off from Britain's greatest living crooner. But he says far from it.

    After a career now spanning an incredible six decades the national treasure says he isn't planning to hang up his microphone any time soon.

    He assured fans: "I will be doing more recordings. While ever I am able to sing I will carry on.

    "The live work is more exhausting. it's all the travel, the different hotels and whatever. As you get older it's more of a strain.

    "Recording is a lot easier because you are in one hotel every night when you finish and you can take your time. There's no pressure really. I used to work out for a tour and do a lot of exercise but I've slowed down a hell of a lot

    Fans can expect all the hits when Tony Christie takes centre stage.

    "I save my energy for my voice. Basically I don't do as much jumping about now like I used to do."

    * Tony Christie, Heaven 17, T'Pau, Lemar, Dodgy, The Southmartins, Big Shaun's Favourite Things and hotly tipped Yorkshire bands The SSS and Sundance are amongst the main stage acts to play Yorkshire's first Wentworth Music Festival on Sunday, May 28.

    See his 2017 schedule below.

    BUY: Tony Christie's 50 Golden Greats album is available to download now on iTunes or Amazon. Also visit the official Tony Christie site at, follow him on Twitter @TheTonyChristie and like his Facebook page at

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