Music interview: Plump DJs

All encompassing dance collective BombStrikes is back with two more mouthwatering events this autumn. The first is at Duke Studios in Leeds on September 30 with Plump DJs and DJ Woody, and the second is at the same venue on November 25 with JFB and Utah Saints.

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 4:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:36 am
Plump DJs
Plump DJs

BombStrikes is an influential label and YouTube channel that showcases the best in beats, bass, funk and party sounds. The label arm is run by Mooqee & Beatvandals, and in the last ten years has become the definitive outlet for big and party starting sounds. Always pushing forwards and evolving ahead of the curve, Pimpsoul, HerbGrinder & Neon Steve, A.Skillz, Nick Thayer, Featurecast, Slynk, J-roc and more have all released on the label and helped make it the bastion of beats that it is today.

Here we chat to headline duo Plump DJs about their slot at Duke Studios and about their up and coming releases this autumn/winter.

What has been keeping you busy recently? What have you been working on?

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Releasing our LDN selection for punks music, new singles ‘World Click’ and ‘Fear The Funk’, plus pushing Hybrid Theory VIP remix of our ‘Yes Yes’ record. We are also touring Australia, UK festivals like Beatherder, Secret Garden Party, plus alternative disco slots up and down UK and in London with Craig Charles. We have worked on an Insomniac podcast; now we are working on a host of new singles for this autumn/winter season.

After years of being hugely popular and at the forefront of a big scene like breakbeat, what’s it like when tastes change and other sounds get more popular?

You have to stay on top of your game in every profession. The game changes when you go from being a new kid on the block to and established act, then again and again as fashions move on, and the environment changes. You have to have no regrets, live for the now and try and learn from the inevitable mistakes that are made on the way. Most importantly, try and be good to people, the dance music scene may feel transient at times, but the people working in the industry will be around for decades. Try to always find ways to bring some joy to the forefront.

What makes your relationship work, why do you get on so well?

We both try to bring different things to the table, and we try to support each other when the chips are down. There are times when we are off form as individuals, so helping each other get back on track is essential. Having short, medium and long term goals together is a must. We are involved in business and friendship, which can get tricky, but when the going gets tough we try to remember it’s ‘pals first!!’ It is vital to help the other team member to thrive, we also hold good communication and honesty in high regard.

Who does what, do you each have certain skills in the studio when making tunes?

Andy is a straight up genius, and I make great cups of tea.

When you DJ, do you do back to back, one each, or how does that work?

We play on four decks using a Q2 splitter so we can hear each other. There are some set pieces but we mostly try to watch the crowd and go from there. No two sets are the same.

What is your mixing style, and how has it changed over the years – does it vary per party?

It varies, every party has a different crowd, with its own wants and needs. We make and find lots of new music, and we love playing new stuff to the dance floor. However we are there with one mission ‘to make people dance’’ so we never forget to work it baby. Its always a treat to play some of our older records from back in the day at the end of the set. We do study the crowd to work out exactly what era to draw from.

What makes a good set for you, are you critical, do you look back and assess your performance after each gig?

We are too critical, to be honest, it’s one of our failings. We have always under sold ourselves, and we cant sleep worrying about doing a good job still.

What should people expect when you come to play in Leeds this time as you have not played leeds for a bit?

We have been massively inspired by Punks music and the like recently. We are making and enjoying breakbeat and bass more than ever, so expect a heavy bottom and a sore head!

What else are you working on or excited about?

New music! Andy and I are on song at the moment, and coming up with some great records. We have a tour of our beloved Australia in November, which is lighting our fire. We are working together every week, and receiving some great feedback, for which we feel truly blessed.

Finally tell us something about each other that we don’t know...

(Lee) once DJ’ed (with a mate of mine) in a full size cow outfit in the main room of a big London club. We were billed and fortunately announced by Pete Tong on radio one as ‘the worlds first dj’ing cow’. This followed being blown out by the main act last minute, at the club night we were promoting. So we came up with the idea as a way to salvage things. iI worked a treat as we ended up on the front page of the then very popular events rag 7 magazine.

I (Andy) have a miniature roller-coaster collection, used to work in a cardboard box factory and I like to wear different coloured socks on each foot.

Plump DJs play Duke Studios Bombstrikes showcase on September 30 – links below.

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