Ex-Leeds MP pens 'uplifting' song for State of Mind

Former Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland has written and performed a song for the State of Mind charity to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.
Greg Mulholland. Picture by State of MindGreg Mulholland. Picture by State of Mind
Greg Mulholland. Picture by State of Mind

‘Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow’ highlights the State of Mind message to ‘let it out’ and also how the Covid-19 lockdown challenges mental health.

Lyrics - including “together we will tackle it” and “we will all help each other cross the line” are based on the concept that whatever anyone has to go through or feels like today; tomorrow will arrive, there will always be a new day and there is hope.

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Mulholland had seven years as chair of the Parliamentary Rugby League Group and is a vice-president of Leeds Rhinos’ foundation.

He said: “State of Mind does amazing work highlighting the challenges of mental health we all can face and using the power of sport to highlight this and bring communities together.

“I am honoured to have been asked to write a song for State of Mind and hope ‘Whatever is Today, There is Tomorrow’ helps get their vitally important message across.”

Mulholland, who plays Masters rugby league, added: “I want to thank State of Mind co-founder Malcolm Rae for asking me to write a song for State of Mind and [former players] Jimmy Gittins, Danny Sculthorpe and Brian Carney for their extraordinarily powerful and courageous testimonies, that inspired me to do so.

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“The State of Mind message is so important and it’s one that everyone needs to hear, understand and support.”

A video produced to accompany the tune, which is co-performed and produced by fellow singer-songwriter Dave McKendrick, features pictures supplied by rugby league fans and clubs following a request from State of Mind.

Gittins, a former player and State of Mind presenter who broke his neck in a rugby accident 18 years ago, said: “Having an uplifting song with such poignant words and linked to the pictures over the years about what we have achieved is outstanding. It has been an amazing journey and I am really looking forward to the next stages of improving people’s mental fitness.”

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