'It kills me' - Leeds United fans react emotionally to Marcelo Bielsa's potential Athletic Bilbao return

Former Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa is being lined up to return to Athletic Bilbao. Fans have been reacting on social media:

By Flora Snelson
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 11:45 am

@Tom_Mullen: Anyone else had a cheeky look at flights to Bilbao? Thought I was over him.

@DaveKWilliams: Seeing Bielsa today has hit me like seeing an ex doing well and being happy…

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@Fitzroybaggers: He only loves us. Not them.

@Thedeptofclouds: This is like watching your ex out on a date & looking happy.

@DavidGilbert43: Makes me sad. And happy.

@BuenoBielsa: Dad's got another woman.

Leeds United fans show their love for departed manager Marcelo Bielsa during the first game after his departure, a 1-0 defeat to Leicester City at King Power Stadium. Pic: Michael Regan.

@_leahbrooke: Feel like I’m watching an ex move on.

@Crismannion: He's not coming back to us, is he? God bless him and may he stay happy and healthy. We miss him, we love him. He is, and always will be, the best we ever had.

@AndrewCrowther_: Tyler Roberts to Bilbao!

@WidowgastsM9: Do we think Marcelo will want to buy his favourite boys off of us? Dan James and Tyler Roberts.

Marcelo Bielsa managed Athletic Bilbao between 2011 and 2013. Pic: Jasper Juinen.

@Mofoman360: I’m thinking Bilbao fans must think they have won the Spanish lottery after landing Bielsa again.

@PeteStones123: Bielsa two years at Bilbao and back to Leeds for the Champions League run.

@Leahtova: So, confess - who has taken on Athletic Bilbao as a 2nd team?

@Carletherington: I miss Marcelo so bad, where can I buy a Bilbao shirt now.

Former Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa greets fans outside Elland Road in April 2019. Pic: George Wood.

@ButchCassidykid: I miss this great man!

@Charliechar: He’s looking great! I feel so sad though, I want him back.

@BremnersLaces: I miss him so much. What a man.

@Noahwayhome: Excited to welcome Bilbao as my 2nd team.

@LCLUFC: He looks so well now...just goes to show how much pressure/strain he was under in that last season. Wish this man all the luck in the world (even though it kills me to think he may manage any team other than us)

@Joh80787523Dale: I hope Bielsa gets the job. It'll be a new focus apart from Leeds.

@TSSLUFC: See you all in northern Spain next season then, yeah?

@Jonnyleeds71: Very excited to see him back with another opportunity for his ideas to triumph. Los Leones & El Loco, what a story that could be.

@Marsh_Spain: What time does the Bilbao train leave?

@Ayubkhan65: Great to see him and hear his voice again. He did some great things for Bilbao. Look forward to seeing him in on the touch line again.

@Parideforte: Wish him all the very best. True Leeds legend.

@GeorgeMacphers1: He will be at a club that who’s fans are no where near the level of that of Leeds.