This is all the advice you need if you’re going to attempt cutting your own hair

Are you thinking it might be time for an at home haircut? (Photo: Shutterstock)Are you thinking it might be time for an at home haircut? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Are you thinking it might be time for an at home haircut? (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Lockdown came as a surprise to many of us when it was announced in March, and sadly most of us didn’t have time to squeeze in a haircut before salons closed.

As your hair starts to look more unruly with each day of quarantine, your kitchen scissors are probably looking tempting.

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If you’re considering giving yourself an at-home haircut, but don’t fancy a skinhead, here are some tips and tricks for cutting your own hair, whether it’s long or short.

Should I cut my own hair?

You should think very carefully about whether you want to commit to cutting your own hair - can you cope with the consequences if things don’t go to plan?

Managing Director at Charlie Miller, Jason Miller, said: “We really do not recommend cutting your own hair.

“The end result of a DIY cut is that you could end up with an uneven cut and if it needs fixing when you get back to your hair salon, then there’s a chance that you’ll have to get it cut much shorter than you really want.”

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But if an at home cut will be miles better than what’s currently on your head, then this is what you need to know.

What equipment do I need?

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t use when cutting your own hair, it’s a pair of a kitchen scissors.

Jason said that kitchen scissors are not sharp enough for the job, and “will damage your hair cuticle”.

You can find sets of hairdressing scissors on Amazon which will do a much better job than the pair that’s been kicking around in your kitchen drawers for the past ten years.

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You’ll also probably need some old clothes you don’t mind getting covered in hair - or alternatively, make a hole in the middle of a bin liner and use that as a makeshift hairdressers cape too. Make sure your arms aren’t too restricted if you’re cutting your own hair, rather than a family member, friend or partner.

You should also set yourself up in the bathroom when cutting your hair, in front of the mirror. It’ll be easier to clean up the cut hair from tiled flooring, rather than carpet.

Tips for women’s hair

Talking to Marie Claire, Sam Burnett, owner and Creative Director of Hare and Bone, said: “If it’s an emergency and you decide to trim your own fringe, make sure the hair is clean and dried in its natural texture and then, using good quality hairdressing scissors, trim with the points of the scissors, holding them at a parallel angle to the direction of the hair flow.”

There are lots of YouTube videos on the internet showcasing how to cut your own hair at home no matter what texture of hair you have, or what style you’re going for.

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This YouTube video shows you how to cut straight hair, this one shows you how to cut curly hair and this one guides you on how to keep your pixie cut looking fresh at home.

In general, you should cut less than you think you need to - the key here is that you can always go back and cut more off, but you can’t go back and uncut hair you’ve already chopped.

Work with your natural hair texture as well - cut hair when it’s dry or slightly damp so you’ll have a better idea of what it will look like.

Tips for cutting men’s hair

If you’re going to be cutting very short hair, you’re going to want to look into a good pair of clippers.

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There’s a wide array of clippers you can choose from that are available on Amazon - kitchen scissors are not the way to go.

While many men are taking quarantine as an opportunity to shave their heads, here is some advice for if you’re not quite willing to take that step yet.

A popular hairstyle for men today is one that follows the “short back and sides, long on top” model.

YouTube star and hairstylist Brad Mondo released a video recently showing how to successfully pull off an at home haircut.

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He starts by separating the long hair from the short hair on top of his head, clipping it with hair clips.

He advises beginning with a three guard to start with and begin shaving the sides and back.

“I like to just feel around the back and make sure I’m not going up too high. Feel that part where it kind of rounds off on your head? Make sure you’re not going above that point,” Mondo advises.

From here, he switches out the clipper guard to a two, a one and zero guard, which is optional.

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For cutting the hair on top, Mondo starts by parting the hair down the centre and sectioning the hair into manageable parts.

He then trims the sections on an angle before checking that the lengths are all even.

Mondo then sprays the hair with a water bottle, reminding us to keep it nice and damp.

He then starts combing the hair backwards and trimming any high points that crop up.

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From there, it’s just about drying and styling your hair as you would.

There are also lots of other YouTube tutorials on how to cut your hair, no matter what style you have.

Following a tutorial makes it easier to get a nice haircut, rather than going in blind and hoping for the best.

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