Royal Mail reveals Christmas 2021 stamps - here are all of the designs

Royal Mail have released their Christmas stamp collection, with festive Christmas story scenes depicted in six designs.

The first and second class stamps include illustrations of the nativity scene and the three wise men, all created by internationally renowned artist Jorge Cocco.

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The national postage service has released the stamps in the hope that gift givers will send presents early and avoid the Christmas rush.

So, what are the pictures of and when can you buy the stamps? This is what you need to know.

What do the Christmas 2021 stamps look like?

The Royal Mail have released its 2021 Christmas stamps (Picture: Royal Mail)The Royal Mail have released its 2021 Christmas stamps (Picture: Royal Mail)
The Royal Mail have released its 2021 Christmas stamps (Picture: Royal Mail)

The Royal Mail’s Christmas stamps depict the Christmas story, from angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, to the magi and birth of Christ.

Designed by Argentinian artist Cocco, six stamps showcase the story of the nativity in subtle blue and red tones.

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Cocco describes his work as ‘sacrocubism,’ portraying sacred events with many relating to religion and the post-cubist art movement.

His work has won numerous awards and been acquired by important collectors. His work has been exhibited by 16 museums throughout the world.

The nation’s mail provider also worked with Associate Professor in Theology and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, Dr Andrew Davison Starbridge, on the stamp issue.

What did the Royal Mail say about Christmas deliveries?

David Gold, Director of External Affairs and Policy at the Royal Mail said: “For many, the launch of our annual Christmas stamps marks the start of their festive planning.

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“We hope that people will appreciate these beautiful illustrations of the Christmas Story, and that they will be encouraged to post their cards and parcels early this year.”

When and where will the stamps be available to buy and where?

The stamps will go on sale in post offices across the country from 2 November.

How much do stamps cost?

Twelve 1st class stamps from the Christmas collection will cost £10.20, a dozen 2nd class will set you back £7.92.

A standard 1st class stamp currently costs 76p while a second class stamp costs 65p for a standard letter or greetings card.

All Christmas stamp purchasing options are available to view on the Royal Mail website.

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