McDonald's Monopoly to start next week

Not so long ago the Happy Meal toy was the best freebie available at McDonald’s but diners now have the chance to win thousands of prizes, including £100,000, as McDonald’s Monopoly WiiiiN! returns next week.

Running from Wednesday 21 March and run until Tuesday 1 May, the McDonald’s Monopoly WiiiiN! will give diners the chance to win holidays, cars, vouchers and even £100,000 cash prizes.

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This year McDonald’s has revealed the thousands of giveaways it's offering as part of the Monopoly WiiiiN! including: four £100,000 cash prizes, 20 Mini Coopers, 20 holidays to Universal Orlando, 500 Xbox One Xs, 1,200 £250 Red Letter Days vouchers, 3,000 wireless speakers, 14,600 £30 Misguided fashion vouchers, 13,000 Now TV box + passes and 1,500,000 McDonald’s medium extra value meal vouchers available.

Other prizes include millions of free food and drink vouchers.

Like previous years, diners can take part by collecting the corresponding property sets.

But despite there being millions of prizes available, there is still no guarantee diners will win anything and contestants have to be aged over 16.

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It hasn’t dampened the spirits of McDonald's fans though who are already counting down the days until their nearest takeaway begins the game.


— Craig Ballard (@Craig_B33) March 14, 2018

I genuinely can’t wait for McDonalds monopoly! 😍

— Sophie Bellshaw (@sophiebellshaw) March 13, 2018

Life’s better now McDonald’s monopoly is coming back #life #McDonalds #lifegoals

— Niina (@niinabubz) March 13, 2018

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