Dating app reveals the most swiped jobs in the UK

If you work as a chef or a hairdresser then the chances are you’ll be luckier in love than other singletons as a popular dating app has revealed the most right swiped jobs in the UK.

And according to Badoo – a dating app with 384 million registered users worldwide – you don’t have to list ‘supermodel’ to make your profile stand out either.

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Badoo, which operates in 190 countries in 47 languages, analysed the dating behaviour of 5,000 British users aged between 18 and 30, and had some interesting revelations with entrepreneur featuring in both men and women’s top list.

So if you dread being asked “what do you do”, here are the jobs most likely to land you a first date.

The most right-swiped jobs for men:

1. Chef

2. Engineer

3. Entrepreneur

4. Marketing

5. Artist

The most swiped right jobs for women:

1. Hairdresser

2. Nurse

3. Lawyer

4. Entrepreneur

5. Teacher