Watch as Leeds man captures swirling 'tornado' clouds over Gipton as city hit with torrential rain

A Leeds man has captured swirling funnel clouds over Gipton as the city is hit with torrential rain.

By Abbey Maclure
Saturday, 15th May 2021, 2:43 pm
Updated Saturday, 15th May 2021, 2:48 pm

Footage taken over the suburb, near Gipton Fire Station, shows the dark clouds which resident Paul Jarrett believes is a small tornado.

Leeds and Yorkshire have been hit with unsettled weather on Saturday.

Heavy rain is forecast throughout the afternoon, with the chance of hail and thunder across the region - according to the Met Office.

The swirling tornado clouds over Gipton (Photo: Paul Jarrett)

Paul told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "I saw these dark funnel clouds over Gipton Fire Station.

"It was 100 per cent a tornado, the clouds were very low."

It comes after Leeds was hit with a freak storm earlier this week, with "biblical" thunder and lightning.

Residents rushed to social media to share pictures and video of lightning in the area, with incredible flashes of light captured across the city.