Lightning strikes Leeds during huge storm as residents take to social media to share video

A huge storm struck Leeds last night - with residents rushing to social media to share pictures and video of lightning in the area.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 9:07 am

The weather in Leeds changed drastically throughout the night, with rumbles of thunder heard from around 11pm by residents.

Some captured pictures of lightning strikes in the city.

Lightning is the flashing of light produced by a discharge of atmospheric electricity.

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WY Police Dogs captured a picture of a lightning bolt flashing across the sky.

They said: "Shocking scene from the road at the top of dog HQ tonight.

"Let's hope the dogs put in a similarly impressive performance."

Leeds residents took to social media to share pictures and video of the storm.

Thunder in Leeds last night.

David Myers said: "Lit up like daytime. Possibly the most incredible lightning I've ever seen in Leeds."

Mike Dale added: "Absolutely bonkers storm in Leeds.

"Kids both woken up (or were probably awake anyway and on their phones) and we are now having toast and watching the lightning."

Some residents described the rain and storm as 'biblical', with the sudden change in weather catching many off guard.

Wednesday is looking much milder in Leeds according to the Met Office.

Sun in the morning is expected to change to cloudy intervals by lunchtime, with highs of 15 degrees.