Strawberry Moon to be visible in Leeds tonight - here's when and where you can see it

A so-called 'Strawberry Moon' will be visible over Leeds on Monday.

By Susie Beever
Monday, 17th June 2019, 4:59 pm

But despite its name suggesting, June's full moon is unlikely to be glowing strawberry red.

We've had Wolf Moons, Snow Moons, and even a Pink Moon, all of which are traditional Native American nicknames for each month's full moon.

April's Pink Moon over Leeds. Picture: Anthony Newby

June's full moon is called the Strawberry Moon, or a Rose Moon, due to the month's association with harvesting strawberries in North America, and it's set to make its appearance on June 17.

One traditional European name for June's was the Honey Moon, which is believed to be where the term for a post-marital getaway comes from.

Will the moon be red?

Sadly, this month's full moon won't be as colourful as the name suggests, although it may change colour slightly the further north it is seen from.

This is due to the moon's light travelling through a greater distance of atmosphere for higher latitudes, meaning it shows with a reddish tint. This is the same science which means sunrises and sunsets sometimes show up as a deep red.

However, the UK is too low for this phenomena to occur here.

Where and when can I see it?

The Strawberry Moon will be visible everywhere, weather permitting. The Met Office are forecasting a clear night for Leeds in the early hours of Tuesday, with the moon most visible between 1am and 3am.

The moon will technically be at its fullest at 9.30pm, and won't set until 5.39am on Tuesday.