WATCH: Spoof video imagines the process of designing Leeds United's new badge

A parody video imagining the design process behind the new Leeds United badge has proved popular with football fans after it was shown on Soccer AM.

In the comedy footage, a design agency holds a meeting to brainstorm ideas for the controversial logo.

Staff make suggestions based on crude Yorkshire stereotypes such as terriers, the Kaiser Chiefs and the white rose.

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Inspiration comes to the group when one man begins to choke on a sweet - and proceeds to thump his chest in imitation of a Leeds United salute.

The spoof was broadcast on Saturday's episode of Soccer AM, and has since been viewed over 94,000 times on the show's Facebook page.

The club claim around 10,000 fans were consulted on designs for the badge - but over 76,000 signed a petition to have it withdrawn, and Leeds United have now agreed to reconsider the proposals.