Warning issued as two maggot-infested kittens put down in Leeds

The awful story of two kittens which were found in Leeds on Saturday has been shared by a local charity - to warn others of the need to neuter their pets.

Sunday, 5th August 2018, 1:05 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th August 2018, 3:23 pm
The horrendous condition the cats were found in. Photo: Leeds Cat Rescue

Staff at Leeds Cat Rescue found two kittens on Rainbow Bridge in West Yorkshire, near to their dead mother.

The kittens were freezing cold and dying, covered in both flies and maggots in deep wounds.

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The cats had to be put down, and staff are warning that their suffering 'could have been so easily prevented' if the cats' parents had been neutered.

Leeds Cat Rescue said in a post online: "Rescue can be wonderful and uplifting but at times it's utterly soul destroying.

"These two kittens came into rescue yesterday after being found near their dead mum.

"They were freezing cold as their little bodies had shut down.

"They both had horrific fly strike and one had two deep wounds that were maggot infested.

"Both kittens are now at peace and out of pain but the amount of suffering they endured in their short lives could of been so easily prevented if people just neutered their pets."