Virgin Media announces inflation-busting price rise for TV and broadband customers

Virgin Media has raised its pricesVirgin Media has raised its prices
Virgin Media has raised its prices
Prices are set to rise for the majority of Virgin Media TV, broadband and home phone customers.

Starting on Thursday, Virgin Media is writing to its cable customers (broadband, TV and fixed-line phone) to let them know of changes to their pricing.

Prices will increase by between £2 and £4, which is a 4.5% increase. By comparison, the current inflation rate is 2.5%.

The increase will take effect on October or November bills.

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How will your Virgin TV and broadband prices change?

Virgin Media says:

*"Prices for the significant majority of customers will increase between £2.00 and £4.00. The average increase is £2.20 (ex VAT) - which equates to around 7p a day

*"The average price increase this year is lower than last year - for customers receiving a price increase the average rise is 4.5% against 4.7% last year

"We’ll be writing to our customers to explain these changes and we’ll continue to make sure they can experience even more from Virgin Media

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"Customers will see their October or November bill change– the date the price change is effective will be made clear in the communication sent to customers

"These price changes have nothing to do with the recent agreement we have reached with UKTV to restore its channels. Making changes to prices is a complex process taken over many months and pre-dates the UKTV discussions.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said:

“Increasing prices is not a decision which we take lightly. We work hard to keep our prices competitive while continuing to invest in our network and improve the services we offer our customers.

“This year’s price increase is lower than last year while broadband usage on our network has increased by almost 40% in that time, with approximately 60% of total traffic now due to more streaming of video. At the same time the impact on us of a 300% increase in business rates on broadband networks has started to take effect, hiking up the costs associated with building and running our network.

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“Over the past year we’ve invested around a billion pounds in our network and upgraded many of our customers to faster broadband while introducing a new top speed of 362Mbps – the fastest widely-available speed in the market.

“Our significant investment continues to bring real benefits to Virgin Media customers - under new rules introduced this year to bring greater transparency to broadband advertising we were the only major provider to see our advertised speeds increase. On top of speed improvements we’ve also accelerated the rollout of our latest technology such as the popular V6 TV box and Hub 3.0 router to millions of our customers.

“Giving our customers an amazing service with the best connectivity, great programming – from exclusive entertainment to 4K UHD sport - and innovative new upgrades is something we’re committed to – and we’ll be delivering even more of this during the coming year.”

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