UK schools introduce body cameras for teachers

Body camerasBody cameras
Body cameras
Classroom cameras: Coming to a school near you?

The number of teachers wearing body cameras in UK classrooms is expected to increase.

With evidence that public order and assault declines by 20 per cent when police officers wear recording equipment, schools are now also considering the measures to tackle poor pupil behaviour.

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Two British schools have already adopted the technology, while the industry is looking to develop more products suitable for classroom use and other 'non-law enforcement' environments,

All footage is recorded with government-approved encryption, and stored securely on a dedicated cloud platform. Pupils are not under surveillance at all times - instead the cameras are deployed during particular incidents.

The cameras help to reduce low-level disruption and disturbances by recording evidence of misbehaviour and conflict. Footage can be shared with pupils and parents after the event to encourage discussion about the child's behaviour.

The cameras can also be used in positive scenarios, such as when a pupil is filmed celebrating an achievement.

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Teachers provided feedback claiming that they felt more confident dealing with situations when they had an 'independent witness' supporting their account, and that they felt the cameras improved trust and accountability between the parents and the school.

It has also been argued that as pupils are able to film staff with their smartphones, body cameras help to redress the balance.

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