Why a giant RAF transport plane is flying over Leeds today

A giant RAF plane is flying over Leeds today. Photo: Amie Northfield
A giant RAF plane is flying over Leeds today. Photo: Amie Northfield
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One of the world's biggest RAF planes has been spotted flying over Leeds today.

The RAF's Boeing C17 Globemaster transport aircraft was in the area to complete training manoeuvres, including landing at LBA.

The juggernaut aeroplane was seen by several Leeds residents tearing through the skies as it completed aerial maouevres and practiced take off and landing at the airport.

The first reports began at about 10am but the plane was spotted at various points in the sky throughout the day.

The behemoth of the skies is 174ft in length, 55ft high and has a wingspan of 169ft.

It's not the first time a C17 has visited Leeds Bradford, which is frequently used for military training.

In August 2017, an RAF-owned C17 practised landings and take-offs from the runway.

And in summer 2018, a model operated by the Canadian Air Force attracted huge crowds during a week of military exercises.

The RAF now have eight C17s, which are used to transport troops and cargo and perform airlifts, airdrops and medical evacuations.

In 2015 a C17 was sent to evacuate British victims of the Sousse terror attack from Tunisia, as they are large enough to be used as an airborne hospital.

A C17 was last spotted in Leeds in February 2019.

Photo: Amie Northfield