Six Leeds men jailed over £50,000 shoplifting scam

A group of shoplifters who took part in a large-scale shoplifting operation across Leeds, West Yorkshire and beyond have been sentenced to a total of more than 22 years.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 10:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:47 pm
Top row: Adrian Ion Ciufu, Marius Vasile Ciufu, Alexandru Ionut Matei. Bottom row: Andonel Tofan, Alexandru George Ciufu, Dorin Nicusor Tibere.

Officers from the Protective Services (Crime) launched an investigation in 2015 over shoplifting that took place in supermarkets in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and the North East region.

They found that the crime was worth over £50,000 and involved 39 cases.

In February 2016, officers arrested six men and charged them with conspiracy to steal over a 14-month period.

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They all pleaded guilty to the charges between May and June and were sentenced on Friday, June 17.

Andonel Tofan, 26, of St Hilda’s Road, and Dorin Nicusor Tibere, 47 of Strathmore Avenue, were each sentenced to four years and one month.

Adrian Ion Ciufu, 30, of Compton View, Leeds, and Marius Vasile Ciufu, 29, of Dib Lane, Leeds, were each sentenced to three years and nine months.

Alexandru Ionut Matei, 26, of Dib Lane and Alexandru George Ciufu, 21, of Compton View, were sentenced to three years and four months.

Detective inspector Andy Leonard of the Protective Services (Crime) Division, said: “This was a complex investigation, involving a highly organised gang who caused widespread economic harm to supermarkets in the region.

“This was an excellent example of West Yorkshire Police collaborating with regional forces to effectively combat organised criminal activity across the north of the UK.”