Shocking figures reveal climate of Leeds expected to be as hot as Australia by 2050

The climate of Leeds is expected to be as hot as Melbourne by 2050, figures released by Crowther Lab reveal.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 06:55 am
The figures released show Leeds could be as hot as Melbourne by 2050

Crowther Lab have predicted how climate change will affect cities around the world - releasing an interactive map to show the changes.

For Leeds, they said: "By 2050, the climate of Leeds will be most similar to that of current-day Melbourne.

"The maximum temperature of the warmest month is likely to increase by 4.6°C, resulting in a mean annual temperature change of 2°C."

The warmest months are set to increase in temperature by almost five degrees, which would see a huge change in drought levels.

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Experts say it would mean more major droughts and water shortages.

The figures were released as part of an evaluation of the world's 520 major cities by the Crowther Lab.

The statistics indicate more than three-quarters will experience a striking change in climate conditions by 2050 compared with today.

New heat levels would be the equivalent of Leeds shifting 1,000km (620 miles) further south.