Leeds tory leader calls on Boris Johnson to help more with cost of living crisis

The leader of the Conservatives group on Leeds City Council has called on his own party's national leadership to do more to help people struggling to pay their bills.

By Richard Beecham
Sunday, 8th May 2022, 4:30 pm

The comments came on the same day that his party suffered historic losses in the local elections in Leeds, with seats in both Guiseley and Horsforth turning Labour for the first time in their history.

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It reflected a national picture, with Labour making gains, but the Conservatives losing hundreds of council seats across the country.

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Leeds Conservatives leader Coun Andrew Carter.

Speaking at the election count on Friday, Conservatives group leader Andrew Carter said: "Cost of living came up on the doorstep all the time.

"There is a perception that the government should do more to try and help the people who are feeling the pinch.

"The government has to think of new ways of trying to help. They helped people tremendously during Covid."

Chancellor Rishi Sunak was criticised during his Spring Statement earlier this year, as he gave no mention of any help for those on universal credit, despite the controversy around the Government's scrapping of the £20 uplift to those on the lowest incomes.

Among the announcements from Mr Sunak was a 5p cut in fuel duty to last until March 2023. He also decided the national insurance threshold would rise from £9.500 to £12.500 from this July.

Since then, the energy price cap has increased by more than 50 per cent, meaning many are paying hundreds of pounds more a year for gas and electricity.