Leeds local elections 2022: How do I register to vote? Where is my polling station? Do I need voter ID?

The countdown has officially begun to this year’s local elections in Leeds which take place on Thursday, May 5.
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With the pre-election period formally starting this week, polling cards are now being sent out to everyone currently registered to vote in this year’s elections for seats on Leeds City Council.

But what can we expect from this year's vote? What are we voting for? What is a polling station? Here is your handy cut-out-and-keep guide to all things local election.

The basics

The count is expected to take place in Leeds Arena.The count is expected to take place in Leeds Arena.
The count is expected to take place in Leeds Arena.
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Leeds has a total of 99 council seats – with 33 wards each represented by three councillors. For these local elections, one seat from each ward will be up for grabs.

For a working majority, a party must hold at least 50 seats – this effectively means they can take control of the council.

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If no one party has overall control, this means an agreement would have to take place between parties to either support a minority administration or to form a coalition.

Following the 2021 local elections, Leeds’s Labour group boasted 54 councillors, and is now down to 53 following Paul Drinkwater's resignation from the party. This means Labour has three councillors above the 50 it needs for a controlling majority

When can I vote?

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Polling day is on May 5, meaning all polling stations open from 7am-10pm. Your polling station will usually be the one closest to where you live - this will be written on the polling card you receive through the post in the coming days.

How do I register to vote?

Visit this website https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. If you don't know whether you are registered or not, you can also find out here. The deadline for doing this is April 14.

Do I need to bring my polling card to vote?

No – just turn up to the polling station listed on the card you were posted by your local authority. You don’t need a driving licence or passport either – unless you’re wanting to show off your radiant photogenicity.

Just speak to one of the volunteers and they will cross your name off the list to show you have voted.

But aren't voter ID laws being introduced?

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Not until next year, and that's only if everything goes to plan for the Government.

Don’t some people vote by post?

Yes, they do. Postal ballots were sent out a few weeks ago and are designed to make it easier for elderly, disabled or infirm people to cast their vote. There should be information on your polling card about this.

The deadline for applications for postal voting is 5pm on Tuesday 19 April, and residents are being asked to apply as soon as possible to help manage demand.

What if I want to vote for a party that doesn’t appear on my ballot paper?

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This means that this particular party doesn’t have a candidate standing in your ward. Your choices are limited purely to the names on your paper.

If you still feel really aggrieved by this, maybe you should consider joining this party or group and standing in your ward next time around.

Am I allowed to post a selfie from the polling booth?


If you do this – even with the noble intention of encouraging others to cast their vote – you can get into very deep trouble.

The most innocuous of snaps of you putting a cross in the box can land you in jail, as it goes against Section 66 of the Representation of the People act 1983.

When will I find out who has won?

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The counting takes place through the night into the early hours.

The full story will be on the website when you wake up the following morning. But if it's all just too exciting, and you can't sleep, follow @ReporterRichB on Twitter for live updates.

Who should I vote for?

If you want to find out more about who is standing in your area, we will have a full list of candidates and which wards they are standing in when they are announced later this month.