Council officers wants to ban family birthday party due to fears around 'drunken noise'

Council officers are fighting to stop a family birthday party at an east Leeds restaurant from going ahead, amid concerns over noise.

Leeds City Council’s environmental protection team has objected to plans to host the party at Lake Victoria Bar and Restaurant, within Cross Gates Shopping Centre on Friday July 29.

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The gathering could last until 3.30am on the Saturday morning and host up to 80 guests, under details outlined by a licensing application submitted to the council.

The event is set to take place in the Crossgates centre.

Officers say that’s likely to cause disruption and disturbance to people living nearby.

In a written objection ahead of a hearing next Tuesday, where the matter will be decided, environmental protection officer Elizabeth Hebbert said: “We have concerns that 8 Crossgates Shopping Centre is not a suitable venue for recurring late night social events involving drinking and music, for large numbers of guests.

“The premises is located in a mixed commercial and residential area, where residents are likely to experience minimal noise from licensed / late-opening premises at night-time.

“The nearest residences to the premises are the Station Apartments, located across the road from the shopping centre.”

The objection said that loud music, people drunkenly leaving the party and the potential build-up of vehicles parked on the street could all upset the centre’s neighbours.

Ms Hebbert added: “Given the nature and the opening hours of other nearby late-opening premises, we believe that repeatedly hosting large social events at Lake Victoria Bar and Restaurant, into the early hours, would not be in keeping with the character of the area and would likely cause a nuisance to nearby residents.”

A panel of three councillors will decide whether or not to allow the party to go ahead following next week’s hearing.