Plans for new bus lanes on Scott Hall Road in Leeds dropped - but Chapel Allerton could get one

Scott Hall Road's guided busway
Scott Hall Road's guided busway
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Controversial plans for new bus-only lanes on one of Leeds' busiest commuter routes have been scrapped.

Back in 2016, Leeds City Council launched an initial public consultation on proposals to improve journey times and reduce congestion on the A61 corridor between Leeds and Alwoodley, via Scott Hall Road and Harrogate Road.

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One of the original plans was to convert existing traffic lanes and guided busways into bus-only lanes on Scott Hall Road, but this idea has now been scrapped following strong objection. The guided busways will remain. On-street parking would no longer be allowed during peak times.

However, bus lanes have been proposed on other parts of the north Leeds routes - including Harrogate Road in Chapel Allerton.

The scheme also includes several new bus lanes in Alwoodley and Moortown, bus priority signals and potentially a new park and ride site at Alwoodley Gates.

You can view the amended plans and comment on them at

Scott Hall Road (between Street Lane and Potternewton Lane)

- Existing two lanes to be retained for all traffic - no bus-only lanes

- On-street parking to be restricted during peak times

- Guided busway retained

- Improved traffic signalling to give buses priority

Scott Hall Road (between Potternewton Lane and Buslingthorpe Avenue)

- Grass verge to be converted into new segregated cycleway

- Widen Scott Hall Road to create a new outbound bus and cycle lane from Buslingthorpe Lane to the start of the existing bus guideway by the Caribbean Cricket Club

- New U-turn facility near Buslingthorpe Lane

King Lane and Stonegate Road

- New bus lanes along King Lane

- New two-way segregated cycle lane on King Lane

- King Lane widened from two lanes to four to accommodate bus lanes

- New cycle lane on Stonegate Road

- Changes to traffic signal priorities and some right turns banned

- Road widening at King Lane/Outer Ring Road junction approach to allow for extra traffic lanes

Harrogate Road in Chapel Allerton

- Leeds-bound bus lane starting from The Three Hulats pub to the Chapeltown Road junction.

- New outbound cycle lane, on-street parking removed

- Right turn from Harrogate Road to Potternewton Lane banned

Alwoodley and Moortown

- A new northbound bus and cycle lane from Sandmoor Lane to a new bus gate 200 metres before the Alwoodley Lane junction. The bus gate to be controlled by traffic lights to give buses priority. Research suggests this will improve journey times by up to a minute for buses and 30 seconds for other traffic.

- On-street parking to be restricted in the bus lane, although drivers can cross it to gain access to side roads. Cars would be restricted to using one lane rather than the two available currently.

- A new southbound bus and cycle lane from Crescent Gardens to a new bus gate 100 metres before the Outer Ring Road junction.

- A new southbound bus and cycle lane between the Shadwell Lane and Street Lane junctions. The northbound carriageway would be unaffected.

- A new pedestrian crossing just south of Allerton Grove.

- A new cycle lane would link the end of the bus lane with the Street Lane junction.

- The Street Lane traffic lights would be upgraded to give buses priority.

- Ten on-street parking spaces would be lost - eight on the Leeds-bound side and two on the Harrogate-bound side.