West Yorkshire man trekking 1,000km across Europe to highlight sale of cats and dogs for meat

A West Yorkshire man is trekking more than 1,000km across Europe to raise awareness of markets that sell cats and dogs for meat.

By Julie Marshall
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 4:45 am

Marc Bundy, a carer who previously worked in the Falkland Islands, set off from the north of Holland at the beginning of May.

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He has been camping and relying on the kindness of strangers for support, route advice and his water supply.

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Marc Bundy is trekking more than 1,000km across Europe.

The 39-year-old man from Pontefract made it to Antwerp before his feet became so blistered and infected that he had to rest for a week and take a course of antibiotics.

He said: "I am travelling as far as I can through Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland before my 90 days tourist visa gives out.

"I am raising money for the charity Duo Duo through my Faceboook page to stop animal exploitation around the world where cats and dogs are seen as food not pets. I'm also making people aware wherever I go.

"Too many animals are suffering with the excuse being it is part of the people's culture, or because the laws lack conviction. Saving one dog won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog?

"Any support to stop this so that no dog or cat dies in these atrocious ways would be appreciated so much."

You can support Marc's efforts by visiting his Facebook profile and then clicking on his fundraiser for Duo Duo, or by donating directly through the Duo Duo Project website.